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Infertility Services

Trying to Conceive?
Having difficulties with your Menstrual Cycles?

We have new answers to long standing problems.
Dr Miller has specialized in NaProTechnology, a natural proven way of Evaluation and Treatment of Infertility Problems.
NaProTechnology views infertility as a more aptly named state of Subfertility and treats the Couple not the just the woman.
NaProTechnology offers couples the chance to maximize their odds of conceiving naturally through evaluation and enhancement of the core aspects of reproduction, working with the couple to ensure the health of the woman’s and the man’s body is optimal before continuing to try to conceive.


First Infertility Visit: What to Expect

Ideally Dr Miller would like to see the couple and a referral letter for the woman from a GP is required.
The initial work up involves taking a detailed history of the patients’ medical histories.
Dr Miller often orders blood tests to check the woman’s cycle at different points and will usually order a thorough semen analysis for the man.
Dr Miller works closely with the couple to achieve a natural conception through an optimized natural cycle.


Natural Conception: Working with your Natural Cycle

Many couples have found success in natural conception in achieving pregnancy through the guidance of a NaProTechnology doctor and practitioner.
Couples are taught the basics of NaProTechnology by a NaProTechnology practitioner an dare thereby empowered to maximize their chances of conception through several means,including a personalized treatment plan and instructions on how to chart their cycles.
The medical treatment of infertility through NaProTechnology usually includes blood tests, assessment and correction of hormone levels in addition to ultrasound scans to track the progress of a follicle to the point where conception can occur. Then timed intercourse is used in a highly successful and non- intrusive way to conceive baby.


Your NaProTechnology Team

Dr Brendan Miller

Dr Miller is trained in NaProTechnology in addition to all aspects of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
He works with a NaProTechnology trained doctor to achieve a couple’s goals whether they are to trying to conceive or trying not to conceive. Both can be achieved with the guidance of these specially trained people and without the need for artificial (chemical) means, such as popular drugs e.g. combined oral contraceptive pill.

Catherine Marshall

Catherine is trained in NaProTechnology and is a friendly, compassionate support in your quest to manage your fertility or related problems. She is available for consultation most Mondays; bookings for appointments with Cathryn should be made directly with her on her mobile 0405 050 315. 
Dr Miller and Catherine work together as a team with you and your partner to achieve your aims.
There are various other Fertility Care Practitioners and NaProTechnology medical consultants throughout Australia that Dr Miller liaises with for patient care. Please see the website for contact details.

Please see our links to some great Naprotechnology websites on our Patient Info page.